dance music

before i start i’d just like to say i listen to all variants of music. because if that music makes someone somewhere happy why cant it do the same for me? moving on.

im not gonna call it electronic dance music because it’s all electronic ugh. anyway. im not planning on this being a huge rant but we’ll see what happens.

to me, dance music isnt about bright lights are bracelets or paint or numbing your soul with vast amounts of md. frankly i think it’s somewhat discredited it’s legitamcy in the world of music. to me dance music isn’t bass riddled synths, wide LFO’s or people’s precious “drops”.

dance is a producer’s attempt to connect to other people that have that underlying unconcious rythm in the back of their head and deep in their  chest. it doesnt fucking matter what you listen to (this applies to all music, all art and all opinionated, expressive media on the planet).

it’s so hard to explain but i feel that while im writing this im addressing all music as opposed to just dance music. because a piece of music shouldn’t have to follow rules. people put themselves under pressure by trying to categorize and rank music because of the artist’s mucisical range. it’s fucking sickening. 

people who decide an artist is better than another artist because of how many instruments they play or how long theyve been around or albums sold or awards won or shows played in a year or whatever bullshit statistic people decide to use in their pathetic attempt to support an arguement that an artist can be worse than another, as if it’s a quest to only listen to music they feel has the highest techincal value.

and its bullshit. like people say “hurr durr i don’t like metal/dubstep/grime/bassline/dnb” or whatever because theyre so concerned by theyre own made up arguements about musical legitimacy or theyre worried they’ll be placed into a stereotype.

anyway im going off topic. dance is such a social mindfuck. im struggling to even find a way to write what i mean down. so im just gonna get aggressive apologies in advance.

dance producers are fucking intelligent, talented and insanely commited people 100% devoted to what they do. just like any other music producers. it angers me to fucking shit when people metaphorically shit on these people because theyre tracks are made on computers. im gonna list some tracks and if you reckon you can create the same level of depth and proggression on your computer then chances are youre not reading this, youre already making beats.

nero - innocence
tiesto - elements of life
above and beyond - sun in your eyes
ben pearce - what i might do
eats everything - entrance song
benny page - turn down the lights
serial killaz - good enough
zeds dead - under yuh skirt
danny byrd - meteorites (the keyboard in this fuck shit fuck, production level through the roof)
disclosure - what’s in your head
glitch mob - between two points

that should be enough. all worth a listen purely for the production. theyre all pretty well known tracks in their respective genres but anyway im gonna move onto the last but not least of my points…


despite some performers out there determined to make theyre sets as easy to mix as salt and water, effective dj’ing is an art in itself.

super breif history: i believe dj’ing started in LA during the sudden rise of hip hop. which quickly turned to scratch dj’ing. scratch dj’ing is hard as fuck. there are scratch dj’s executing drum patterns that would blow the back of your skull clean off. along with beat juggles, live sampling, live multi-layering and much more.

with the rise of technology, cdj’s and mp3 midi controllers and other various kinds of equipment has made dj’ing accesible for anyone. and tbh anyone can mix two 135bpm tracks together after a bit of practice.

what im really trying to say here is, stop creating this fictional conflict in your head over what’s worthy for your ears. how many people do you know say “dont like dance music” then you put on one more time by daft punk and all of a sudden no one remembers what they just said. its because it’s logically and morally obsurd to intentionally limit what you listen to because you assume you wont like it.


fuck you all. stereotypes are created by those in them, not those looking at them.

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